10 Things Not To Tell Your IT Team This Valentine’s Day

Well, Cupid has shot his arrows at all of us at some point of time in our lives. This means that we have certainly fallen in love once or twice in our lives, even the most practical and serious people! So what’s better day than Valentine’s day than to proclaim your feelings to your special someone? There are many kinds of Valentine’s and such ideas in the upcoming times.

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These days, there are lots of especially themed Valentine’s day gifts and presents for your loved ones, which include IT themed Valentines, do it yourself projects and lots of colorful cards with loving messages. With the advent of digital technology and combining the matters of the heart, declaring your love for that special someone is becoming a happening hit of the moment. Of course there are traditional methods to express your feelings but along with that, the digital zones are more fast paced and say it all.  There are some things you should not be telling your IT team for valentine and most probably they would be.

  1. Mentioning personal plans for Valentines its always a good idea to keep professional and personal life delinked.
  2. Wishing lady colleagues for this day as it can definitely send the wrong signal
  3. If feelings for someone in the team, never make a colleague your confidante for the same.
  4. Express these feelings outside office in a completely informal ambience
  5. If possible, except for Valentine’s Day is a good idea to convey your message of love for the special someone on your IT team
  6. Being all businesslike even on the day of love.
  7. Professionalism is the key to good career and never getting personal would be a great touch
  8. Not sharing unique Valentine day ideas with coworkers.
  9. Keeping your personal emotions under control
  10. Never trusting a business associate with personal stuff.

Conclusive summary

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