3 Reasons to Get a Digital Marketing Certification

No matter the size or scope of a firm, in this day in age, digital marketing is needed. Digital technologies are the most important means for a company to grow, which means that the need for those educated in digital marketing is only growing. And it is growing fast.

Those who work as digital marketers are responsible for activities such as search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, inbound marketing, social media marketing, pay-per-click (PPC), and e-mail marketing.

All of these continue to be critical undertakings for small, medium and large companies.

The plain revelation is that companies are funding their digital marketing programs in a big way. But, if that isn’t convincing enough for you, here are three excellent reasons to get a digital marketing certification.

1. You will find more, higher-paying job opportunities.

Due to the rapid increase in online sales, as well as the more considerable dominance that the Internet has on our daily lives, the job market for digital marketing jobs is only increasing, particularly because the skills gap proceeds to stretch.

Every year hundreds (if not thousands) more digital marketing jobs open up as every company needs to have some form of online presence.

Unsurprisingly, those who have excellent digital marketing skills (as proven by attending certificate courses in Dubai or somewhere else) can be quite choosy when it comes to the firm they want to work for.

After all, potential employees have the desired skill-set and companies are in desperate need of workers who can do what they know how to do.

What does this mean?

It means that these employees also get paid more — thanks to the law of supply and demand.

For example, you decide to get KPI professional certification. Then the demand for your services is high (many companies want the skills), but the supply is low (not many people have the skills), which means that companies are going to want to pay you a significant amount of money in order to have you come on board.

Not only does this put you in a better place to negotiate your contract, as well as terms and conditions, but it also allows you to have more flexibility when finding your dream job.

2. It will help you to stay relevant in your industry.

One of the challenges that comes with careers that are based online is that trends come and go faster than you can blink, which makes learning current digital marketing trends a more difficult undertaking than you may initially assume.

While you may think that you can teach yourself all there is to know, in reality, there is no way to guarantee that you are educating yourself on all the nuances of the industry.

You aren’t necessarily going to be able to discern which are rising trends and which are now passe. You aren’t going to be able to ensure that you understand the mechanics of the considerable scope that is “digital marketing” and the huge spectrum of assets that is correlated with it.

To put it another way, you don’t know what you don’t know.

Not only will taking a digital marketing course help those who are looking to break into the field, but they also should be considered by those who already have a job in the digital marketing world.

Regularly taking digital marketing courses and renewing a digital marketing certification is a surefire way to keep your knowledge up-to-date, and therefore maintain your relevancy in the field.

3. The courses are exciting and innovative.

Assuming you sign up for a high-quality digital marketing course, you should find yourself having practical and hands-on experience — the kind that reveals to you how to unite and reach consumers and increase revenues through maximizing online strategies and the execution of your online marketing investments.

Furthermore, you want to ensure that the course you are taking grants you insights into how digital marketing is seen from both the client’s and the agency’s perspectives.

By taking a digital marketing course and receiving a digital marketing certification, you will learn things such as:

  • Why you need to incorporate digital marketing as a vital component of your marketing strategy
  • How to bring increased visitor traffic to your website while improving your conversion rates
  • Ways to create and maintain online advertising and marketing campaigns

Additionally, courses will focus on the importance of effectively developing targeted mobile marketing campaigns and how to measure and examine visitor traffic to your website to optimize customer retention.

So what are you waiting for?


With over 20 years of experience in B2B marketing, Annick Nuyens first worked in the hospitality service industry and then moved to the knowledge industry. She currently works for Informa in the Dubai office, where she oversees marketing for public and in-house training courses, conferences, exhibitions and managed events across the Middle East and Africa.