8 Adventures to Have in the Exuma Cays

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The Bahamas are famous around the world. And few places have got as much variety in the Bahamas as the Exuma Cays. With 365 Cays to explore, you literally can take the Exuma at one Cay a day.

So, what’s stopping you from getting into one of the Exuma rentals this summer?

This is the only place in the world where you can swim with pigs one day and move onto traveling through a James Bond set on the other. Intrigued yet?

Here are some of the adventures you can have at the Exuma Cays. 1. Explore the Thunderball Grotto

Remember that old James Bond movie? This is where this grotto gets the name from.

This is one of the most exciting places you can visit in the summer to try out snorkeling. Once, you can get through the cavern (Pro tip? Go during slack tide, because navigating through strong currents is difficult), you will be greeted by a new world.

There are thousands of different types of fishes to explore. The best part? Seasoned travelers tell that once the sun hits and the fish run across around you, it is a piece of heaven on Earth.

  1. Swim with the sharks

Don’t get me wrong!

In Compass Cay, you can go in and swim with the Nurse Sharks without any fear. If you are good at it, you might even be able to feed them hot dogs!

This is one of those things that most travelers shirk away from. This private lagoon designed for the sharks is, however, one of the most peaceful and beautiful places you will find. And let’s

face it, it makes for one of the best dinner-time stories ever at the same time.

  1. Walk along the Sandbar

David Copperfield’s private island, Musha Cay has a surprise called the Sandbar. A seemingly endless stretch of sand stretching out through the sea with the wind following you everywhere, this is the kind of experience you will never forget.

Also, this is one of the quietest and peaceful places to be in the entirety of Bahamas.

Copperfield built the island to be away from the roving eye of the paparazzi and more often than not Musha Cay forms the perfect nook for you to dance to the tunes of the ocean without being disturbed by anything from the outside.

  1. Swim with the pigs

If you have been around travel blogs as long as I have, you have seen the pigs. The giant fluffy creatures in the Staniel Cay are always ready for a swim with the tourists. You can feed them, take photos with them.

However, it is best to be careful, some of the pigs are huge and can be dangerous. Also, they are pigs, so, expect to get a little dirty at the end of the day.

Despite all this, the experience, with all its novelty is worth getting yourself out for. Now, who does not want to tell the kids about when they swam with a pig twice their size?

  1. Explore the Rolle Town Tombs

History of any place is significant?

The Rolle Town Tombs stand beside the largest beach in the Exumas, and they are a sight to behold. You can walk along the road, and discover all these stories that happened on the streets that you just walked through.

Pro tip? Get yourself a guide. Though there are signs to go by, the depth of the story can’t be experienced without a guide by your side/.

  1. The Tropic of Cancer Beach

If you stretch out your travel itinerary, you will get to visit the Tropic of Cancer beach in Little

Exuma, and it comes highly recommended too!

The only catch? The drive to the place is long and hard. It is recommended that you get a jeep, some wine and a lot of umbrellas.

The best part about the largest beach in the Exumas is the peace it offers. You might visit the place, and find the entire beach all to yourself. Pro tip? Remember the landmarks, because, like most adventures, this place does not come with a lot of location signs.

  1. Visit the Coco Plum Beach

If quiet is your thing, then Coco Plum Beach might be your best bet. The Northern tip of Greater

Exuma holds this little treasure.

Once, there are low tides, and there are sandbars aplenty to explore, but, even without that, this beach is one of the most peaceful places you could find. Pro Tips, most times when you visit the place, you will find the entire beach to yourself.

This is the perfect place to set up your umbrella and finish your summer reading as the sea washes up next to you.

And if a more proactive adventure is what you have in mind, travelers swear that this beach is one of the best places to find seashells and sand coins too.

Oh and, this place also features swings that go over the bright blue waters, for that perfect escape.

  1. Chat n Chill

The people of the Bahamas do party. However, when they do, they do with over a whole pork roast and a lot of wine. A 15$ boat ride into Stocking Island and you will get your little paradise.

Travelers from all over come here and share their stories.

The picturesque island holds the Chat N Chill every Sunday, and it is the place to be at, if you want to let your hair down and talk with travelers all day long, while, eating up the best food available in the entire place!

If you’re still wondering about whether or not the rental is worth it. Just imagine this, where else would you get to visit a sandbar in the morning and swim with sharks the same day. The Exuma Cays are a dream come true for any person who is an adventurer at heart!