A Food Lover’s Guide To The Top 7 Middle-Eastern Restaurants In Abu Dhabi!

Most people think that visiting Abu Dhabi is just for sightseeing. But, it is absolutely wrong because the capital is also popular for luxurious hotels that provide delicious and mouth-watering cuisines. That is why most dubai tour packages now include a trip to Middle-Eastern Restaurants, particularly for the sake of food enthusiasts. Therefore, food lovers should take decisions with an utmost care while choosing their abu dhabi tour package.

The modern and sophisticated Abu Dhabi is bound to provide remarkable encounters with some local & international cuisines in a breath-taking setting. Right from desert venues offering traditional cooking to some award-winning restaurants specialized in French, Chinese, Moroccan, and Lebanese dishes, the Michelin-starred chefs in the capital city of the UAE transform Abu Dhabi into the topmost culinary destination.

  1. Marrakesh:

Located in the heart of Abu Dhabi, the Moroccan restaurant provides guests a real cultural space to explore its aromatic gastronomy together with a live music, opulent interiors, and dance performances. When it comes to the menu, you will have a different choice of traditional dishes ranging from couscous, tagines, seafood, meat grills to salads.

  1. Li Beirut:

People, who love Lebanese food, should opt for abu dhabi tour package that includes Li Beirut as an ideal cuisine destination. Li Beirut is a highly rated award-winning restaurant, which delights its guest with a stunning backdrop of the surrounding sea. The restaurant offers both traditional and modern Lebanese dishes served-up with a European fusion. The menu is doubtlessly a culinary masterpiece because it features signature courses including the foie gras Kebbeh, honey fudge dessert, and Zaatar lamp accompanied by truffle and sweet potato.

  1. Bord Eau:

Board Eau is a must-see place by the French gastronomy enthusiasts. Combining fine food with artistic vision, the top establishments serves contemporary French cuisines like Loch Fyne scallop, wild salmon, and Dover sole a la Grenobloise with the appealing chocolate extravaganza. These delicious cuisines are prepared from only fresh ingredients that are straightly imported from France.

  1. Al Maqam:

With a desert backdrop, Al Maqam refines the idealistic Arabian experience. The luxury restaurant lets you enjoy an excellent voyage into the world of legends and desert. The Arabian style, hand-made decorations, floor-level seating, live artistic performances, and palm-thatched terrace create an enlightening oasis where travelers could enjoy exquisite dishes. Al Maqam provides a complete culinary tour that includes bread making sessions and cooking lessons.

  1. Steakhouse & Grill:

This restaurant is an ideal place for carnivores that craves for the most succulent steaks. As the upmarket culinary spot in Abu Dhabi, the Steakhouse and Grill mainly focuses on a range of steal specialties. The extensive menu provides gastronomic treats like Kelly oysters, Devon, Alaskan crab soup, and the mouth-watering Scottish salmon. Marco Pierre White, who is a celebrity chef of British, runs the restaurant.

  1. Quest:

Quest is the most acclaimed restaurant in the city with an excellent panoramic view of the Arabian Gulf and Abu Dhabi. With inspiration received from the realm of Asian cuisine, the restaurant offers guests with a unique interpretation of contemporary fine dining by blending the recreating flavors of Japan, China, Singapore, and Malaysia. Serving up unique specialties, Quest flirts with ingredients of high quality.

  1. Hakkasan:

All Dubai tour packages include Hakkasan that offers a high-class experience of having Chinese cuisine in the eclectic venue. With a large dining hall area, the restaurant blends the modern spirit of the UAE and the assertive Chinese influence. Lee Kok Hua, the talented and visionary chef in Hakkasan, surprises his guests with certain signature dishes like the tantalizing Peking Duck, grilled Wagyu beef, and a variety of other recipes.