Clinical Trials for Migraine- know the Benefits and Risks

Migraine is not “just a headache”. It is a composite nerve illness, which is known to disturb the complete body. Often than not it is just taken as a normal headache and ignored only to let the disorder grow and affect deeper. Deep studies and migraine clinical trials have shown immense improvement in making people aware of the signs and getting them to act upon it immediately.

When do we say it is a Migraine?


  • Intense pain mostly excruciating pain affecting only 1 side of the head.
  • Nausea, Vomiting and diarrhea trails along with the headache.
  • Greater than before sensitivity to light, smell or sound.
  • Blind spots, inaccurate visions, broken lights or irrelevant patters
  • Vertigo and faintness

When a headache is accompanied with any such signs it needs clinical attention. However, before getting in to migraine clinical trials, let us comprehend both the benefits as well as the hazards associated with such trails.



  • New and advanced treatment that actually works and isn’t available outside trails.
  • Adding to the research and helping to form a treatment guideline for future patients.
  • Medical tests and scans are all advanced and free of cost
  • Checkups and doctor consultation that are regular and sorted as a part of the trail.




  • Unexpected side effects
  • Increased trips to hospital even if the person involved in the trial isn’t particularly ill.
  • Few trails are chargeable and are a part of the trail.
  • To be available at the disposal of the doctor and the clinic continuously.

While all the medications and test and rest of the applications as used in the trails are tested multiple times before applying the same on the patient, however the risk of side effects totally depends on the person’s body and how the body reacts to the procedure. However every clinical trial is safe and with incessant doctor supervision the side effects, if at all any, are treated completely.