Creating A PPSR Account

We all know how useful the PPSR is, for various purposes. For anyone that is planning to buy a used car or someone who is financing a used car, the PPSR is a very useful tool to know the details of the car. You can know whether there is any finance on the car which has not been paid. It is useful for financiers to know whether there is already a security interest on the car.

A revs check information for a car will also reveal whether the car is stolen or written-off. There are many other details like any accidents which could have taken place. All this information is available on the PPSR.

For a one-off check on the PPSR, you don’t need to have an account. But for a dealer, a financier or an online service provider it is beneficial to have a PPSR account.

Account customers can create, amend and discharge registration transactions. They are able to make payments easily and have the site remember their secured party groups. They are also useful in creating registration templates. They can generate reports and create customized access for their users.

How To Create A PPSR Account?

Go to any page on the PPSR and click on create an account. Once you press on the start account creation button, you will be taken through various sections where you have to enter all your details. If you are a company, you have to enter the company details. It is necessary to give an e-mail address, whether you are creating an account as an individual or as a company.

The next step is to create the account administrator. It can be someone who has a PPSR account or someone else. You need to fill in the details of the person. When you come to the account preferences section you should specify the number of searches and the number of registration transactions you can do in a day. You should also specify a time for your password to be changed. The next step is to select the payment method. You can do advance payment or pay as you go. Once that is done you can give the e-mail id where your financial statement should be sent and in what duration it should be sent.

Once you have completed check the information and create the account if the information is correct. If you had given the password notification option as onscreen you will see the details on the screen and you will have to print them. It will not be mailed to you. Only if you have selected the e-mail option for password notification will your password be sent to your e-mail id.

Once you have created the account you can select the account administrator to be one or more than one user. This will give an opportunity for your users to use the account and change settings if needed when you are away.

Once you have an account you can use it do a REVS check QLD any time to ensure that the car you are financing isn’t already having a security interest on it.