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When it comes to the migration of data, you have to make sure that you’re entrusting the process to a data migration specialist that can take care of your data and secure it from start to finish. Datalynx is one of the best companies that provide solutions to different businesses worldwide when it comes to the migration of data.

Through Datalynx, you’re able to conveniently migrate your data from an older system to a more modern one with no data loss. The quality of the data is ensured throughout the process. Your sensitive data is also encrypted during the process to prevent any leak of data while you’re migrating all of the information included.

Why Hire a Data migration specialist?

In the modern world that we live in today, you have to make sure that you have all the bases covered. Trying to move your data may seem like an easy task to do especially if you are familiar with the systems that you’re porting your data from. However, it’s the security of the data and the quality that it’s preserved in that Datalynx can offer you.

Datalynx ensures that all the complex transformations of your data don’t damage it. It’s also critical for your business to ensure the integrity of the data before, during and after the migration which is what Datalynx handles throughout the entire ordeal. Whether you use Oracle, Microsoft, SQL or Paradox, you can rest assured that your data is migrated properly.

How Common is Migration Failure?

Migration failure is incredibly common when attempting to do the migration with an inexperienced in-house staff with the use of improper equipment and software. A recent research that has been done by Vision Solutions showed that there was a 20% increase in data migration failure between the years 2014 and 2015.

Datalynx has an experienced team of staff that has handled numerous data migration throughout the years. They’ve been in charge of handling sensitive data from different companies that utilize a variety of software. You can rest assured that whatever your company uses, Datalynx may have probably used it before.

Familiarity with the software that a business uses is what Datalynx specializes in. This will save you the time and money from explaining what needs to be done and how. Data migration, especially one that has time constraints, needs to be handled with a level of experience to ensure that nothing is lost in the process.

About Datalynx

Datalynx was founded in 2002 by Charlie Spinks and Tony Becker. The company has a strong record with the government, large corporations, and software vendors when it comes to the processing of data. This experience in the industry has earned them multiple awards and commendations.

The staff and consultants at Datalynx are all vetted by security. The staff team is also divided into tiers in which only a specific group of people are allowed to process the data if a certain level of security is to be met after negotiations with a client. Secure infrastructure and processes are in place to minimize breaches at all costs.
Do you need the help of a data migration specialist? Contact Datalynx today and we will be more than glad to provide the most effective solution for you.