Driving: Are You Doing It Efficiently?

Although many people think that driving is a necessity for those who live in a large city without quality public transportation, I see it differently: for me, driving Lease Renault cars is an art. And like all art, it can be brought to perfection.

Those who spend hours in the car a day like me, after so much time without having to do, begin to develop ways to save fuel, save the vehicle better and accelerate the journey. Here are some tips I’ve compiled in recent years:

When to Change the Gear?

I know a lot of people who prefer to stretch the march excessively. Generally, these people prefer doing that because the car gets stronger – and with that, they feel more like Vin Diesel(fast and furious guy). But not quite. As I have explained, this increases the consumption of the car – also, generally, a large acceleration subsequently leads to large braking, which consumes the entire braking system of the car (and, at the very least, you will change your brake pads earlier than should).

The car has a comfort zone, in which it has an acceptable power that does not waste gas excessively. (We’re not talking about the maximum, which usually stands around 3000-4000 revolutions.) If you notice, around 2000-2500 rotations, you can change gears. With this, the car neither loses power nor spends too much. Less than that, it can not stand and choke. Much more than that, you burn fuel for nothing.

How to Stop at Traffic Lights?

I still could not test this properly. In older cars, it was said that disengaging and braking (which consumes more braking apparatus) resulted in fuel economy. In new cars, companies claim that simply braking with it engages cuts off the engine’s fuel supply.

Either way, the economy certainly is not as much better as the previous tips. So, let’s go for the safer way, which is the recommended one: instead of sticking your foot in the clutch and braking, whether it’s a little or soft, go slow down as the costumes go.

Downhill, it’s something else. Getting down unplugged really saves you more – because, thus, you reach the desired speed, while engaged sometimes it is necessary to accelerate. Anyway, our recommendation is the opposite: always come down a gear. More important than the economy, cowboy, is your safety and the others around – a thing that is priceless. You could use some driving school lessons too.