As trading with Exness over 2 years, new traders, as well as my friends, are concerning similar questions such as “Is Exness, a good broker?”, “is it reliable or a scanner?”. So, this article will discuss my review about the reason for my preference toward Exness trading. These Exness reviews would help you to have a better understanding of this broker.

Every broker has their strength and weaknesses. The criteria to justify the good or bad of a broker is its conditions and characteristics. These criteria should meet your trading patterns. In my point of view, Exness is worth your trust which is one of the top 10 Forex brokers. Specialist and professional traders enjoy trading with Exness, the biggest broker. They are provided with the best trading conditions that other broker cannot.

Exness – Instant withdrawal system

Exness, the biggest Forex broker, is stand out reflecting their key advantage of instant withdrawal. This feature helps you to withdraw your fund or transfer money in seconds to complete the transaction. The machinery system operation of Exness causes this speediness. So it is much quicker. Exness is the fastest in withdrawal speed comparing to other brokers.  You can use a try in withdrawing process with Exness – the biggest brokers and other brokers to come up a conclusion. This feature supports the decision of traders in trading with Exness.

Types of Exness account variables

Exness Forex brokers are the best ECN brokers. However, there are four types of Exness accounts, including Cent, Mini, Classic and ECN. Depending on your trading needs, there is a suitable account for you. The starter and new traders can try on the mini and Cent account, which require the minimum deposit at only $1 USD.

Customer service

Exness is among top 10 ECN brokers that pay much their attention on customer service. While another broker only supports English, Exness support customers with 24/7 care service in Chinese, Thai, Bahasa, Malaysia, Vietnamese, and Persian. The customer service team are varied depending on the nations of representing. Therefore, Exness is the best choice for starter or beginner traders which are non-English native speakers. Furthermore, as employing a Deloitte audit company, the information provided by Exness is reliable due to the top accounting issuer in the world.

The Spread

At Exness, the spread is pretty low. Or even it is the lowest in the Forex market. The fixed spread of a trading currency pair of Exness offers the lowest spread, regarding the 6 most trading currency pair. Meanwhile, other brokers have a higher spread. The spread of Exness can be found here

The leverage

The best ECN brokers like Exness has the highest leverage possibility, which may up to unlimited. According to moral traders, the high leverage means risks adverse. However, the high leverage does not matter to experienced traders. Between the two traders with the same order size and deposit amount of money, the safer one is, the higher leverage one. Meanwhile, the unlimited leverage is a free margin. Hence, your order can keep opening for nothing.

Overall, Exness, one of the best forex brokers 2018, is a reliable broker with the best trading condition to Forex traders.