Find out the remedies for your cat allergies

Pets make an important part of our life. It is no less than a family member who needs similar care and love like children. However, being a pet owner is no less a task whether the pets are high maintenance cats or the epitome of loyalty, dogs. Often many pet owners remain oblivion of the needs and ailments that affect them during different seasons.

Seasons and Cats

The skin of cats and dogs are much vulnerable to infections considering the constant exposure to various pollutants and parasites in the air. Summer and Monsoon sees an increase in the breeding of parasites especially in tropical and sub-tropical regions where the air is humid. And this is the time when your cats need more care and protection so as to not fall prey of insect attack.

Protection against insect attack

For a pet owner, it is necessary to provide their cats with the necessary care against infestations. Revolution for Cats is an ultimate remedy that offers one solution to many problems whether it is intestinal parasites or skin problems due to present of ticks.

Benefits of Revolution for Cats

Revolution for Cats also known as Stronghold is a lucrative medication that works wonders for cats and dogs against infestations. It is highly beneficial during summer and monsoon when pets are more susceptible to fleas and ticks. Moreover, being certified by FDA, it can be purchased without prescription too.

Does it have any side-effects?

Revolution for Cats and dogs are separate though contains equal ingredients. However, the concentration differs on the basis of the breed, its tolerance, and weight. In case of the following symptoms, its recommended to consult a veterinarian:

  • Vomiting
  • Excessive Drooling
  • Skin Rashes
  • Hair loss in the place of application
  • Rapid breathing
  • Lack of concentration

Prior consultation with veterinarians is recommended before application. These are just minor side-effects that can easily be blown off after some days.