Fireplace Installation in Your Basement

Recently basements have become an area of the house to decorate and turn into a liveable space in the home. Whether you choose to turn yours into a den, home office or spare bedroom, a fireplace will not only add cozy and warm atmosphere,but might be a great way to decrease your utility bills. Before planning the project on fireplace installation, consider the pros and cons of all options and find the safest, least complicated alternative that also fits your individual decor taste, choosing from installing a traditional wood-burning fireplace, prefabricated, one that burns wood pellets or gas burning.

Gas powered and prefabricated  basement options is more budget-friendly choice as their cost can be eighty percent less than the wood burning fireplaces.

Prefabricated(or prefab) fireplaces became popular in the 1960s. If you do choose a prefabricated fireplace, you might not need a chimney, only a direct vent to blow outside. The main advantage of prefabricated fireplaces is their high efficiency, less maintenance and less space than a wood burning alternative. Prefab fireplaces are extensively factory-tested for safety. It is an excellent choice to maintain the quality of air for your basement renovation space. However, the fireplace installation must be provided correctly to be safe in your home by an efficient experts of House Renovations company.

A gas fireplace installation might be a great choice without losing the aesthetics that you crave. Gas fireplaces will not doany harm to your health. Besides, a one-pipe vent gas fireplace provides a50% efficiency rating while the two-pipe vent model – 70%, reducing your energy expenses. Not having to lug wood down the stairs is a big advantage, as is not having to clean out the fireplace and deposit the ashes. They are convenient and safe. You can leave the fire unattended not worrying about the probability of fire hazard.

No matter what type you choose, one of the most important concerns ofyour fireplace installation in the basement is safety. Make sure to have the appropriate type of ventilation system to remove smoke and carbon dioxide and to deposit it outside. Due to new technologies, a chimney is not necessarily required, but the fireplace should have a direct vent system that will not pull from the air inside your home, which is a good thing for a basement space.

Consult the pros of House Renovations to make the right choice.