Ford crosses over into the mini-SUV segment with tiny EcoSport

Ford has always been the company that has broken the trends. With their offering, Ford EcoSport the company introduced the concept of mini SUVs in the country. Over the past few years or so, the company has made sure that the necessary upgrades are implemented in the design and features to make it much more attractive. In the latest offering, there is another petrol variant added which has an engine capacity of 1.5 litres. The look has been beautified, too, both on the outside and the inside.

What do you need to know?

The new offering from the company is called Ford EcoSport S. At a price that is not too expensive for an SUV, the car has the potential of being a money spinner and the strategy of the company revolves around the market response to the car. This could be a good option for you if you are seeking a not so big SUV.

In terms of the look, there have been significant changes made to the grill as well as the roof and fog lights. The interiors have been modified too. The color has been changed to orange with the option for you to keep an eye on the pressure of tires. The infotainment system, too, has been made larger with the facility of making it work through touch. The latter is a feature that you would only expect in a high-end vehicle thereby, making the features extremely attractive. Adding further to the expensive feel of the car, you can enjoy the sunroof on the car which again is hard to find in cars from this segment.

One of the most novel ideas by the company was called as the EcoBoost engine which returns with the car. It has been the most appreciated feature by the company and has received numerous accolades. Boasting a power of more than 120 BHP and the maximum torque of 170 N-m, the engine is one of the most enviable features of the car and could be a primary reason for its sale as it adds to the overall performance.

In terms of the initial reviews it has received, the car seems to be a winner all the way. It is said that the ride is smoother compared to the previous models. The shifting of gears has been extremely convenient and the responsivity is pretty appropriate, too.

The small sports utility vehicle also has a great information system as it constantly informs you about the fuel and warns you if it goes below a certain level. In terms of the safety, the car is loaded with airbags and also has a crash sensor system. The mileage, too, is not that bad and will completely fit your budget if you buy the car.

Overall, the car has been a good product coming out from the giants in the automotive industry. With the initial reactions being so strong, it seems like the company has another winner in its kitty.