How to Get Problem-Free Car Rental at Denver Airport

When picking up a rental car after a 6-hour flight, no one wants to face apathetic rental workers, be harassed into unwanted deals, or be overcharged for their vehicle. The truth is; the quality of car rental services differs greatly from airport to airport and company to company. There is no single best option. If you want a budget car rental Denver airport, avoid the nightmares, do some research, and get the best price with top-notch service.

How to Rent

There are 11 car rental services located inside at the Denver International Airport. The car counters are located in the middle of the arrivals terminal, but the car pickup areas are all located off the premises of the airport. Luckily, shuttle service is free with all 11 branches.

The best way to find low prices and see customer ratings is to use an online service to compare prices. For this research, the 11 car rental services at Denver International Airport were compared and ranked using the website Rental24H. The ranking is based on pricing, customer service, and overall convenience.

Sometimes special deals are available through your airline, which could shift the favor towards a particular company. Check your airline’s website for package deals and offers.

Best Options

The most reliable service comes from Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Enterprise stands out because of their unbelievable consistency with customer service. The price is slightly higher than some of the competition, but the value comes from the assurance that you will not be overcharged, taken advantage of, or treated poorly.

National Car Rental and Alamo Rent A Car also fall under this category of slightly expensive but highly trusted rental services. All 3 companies are owned by the same corporation, and the high-quality training of the employees’ shows. Expect to be treated kindly, offered fair deals, and never pay more than what you should. Alamo can be hit-or-miss compared to Enterprise, which is the highest rated and most highly regarded on the list.

Good Options

In terms of customer satisfaction, the next companies to consider are Hertz, Budget Car Rental, Avis Car Rental, and Thrifty Car Rental. These services offer more affordable options but with less consistency in terms of availability, staffing, and customer service. Many people report great experiences where others have complained of mistreatment and slow service. Of these options, we found Avis and Thrifty to offer the best value.

Worst Option

Next, we have the company that should definitely be avoided at the Denver International Airport. Fox Rent A Car has the lowest customer approval rating on the list and is reported to frequently cause complications. The location is understaffed in the night and generally slow all day, meaning you may have to wait to be served. Overcharging is another complaint leveled at Fox which is mostly unheard of at the more professional locations.

At Denver Airport, there are good options at every price range. Overall, Enterprise offers the best service but at a high-cost, Avis and Thrifty fall in the middle with great prices but less reliability, and Fox should be avoided. Do some research and compare prices to see what works for you, but keep in mind, you get what you pay for.