Importance of Sports and Games in student life

We all have been grown to adults by playing games & sports. Also in school we generally used to wait for Games period where we can enjoy various games and other activities with our school buddies. And after coming back from school too we again used to wait for the evening where all the neighbourhood kids comes to play in the park to take swings and play some other games. In this article the importance of sports and games is discussed.

Playing of games with neighbourhood kids make the first milestone for friendship. We play together to make a team in a game which we are playing which makes a special bond among us. Also, it helps to grow our social circle more and makes us more helpful, give the feeling of oneness and give the spirit of competitiveness. These lays the 1st landmark for the Kids to make a good human being in mere future. This social aspect is only one aspect.

Importance of sports can be best explained by the points like discipline, coordination, memory, learning, speed, concentration and most important health. As playing games helps to make a person more disciplined as the person need to follow some rules in playing the games. Kids help to get the knowledge of more coordination with other kids as one makes strategies in games to coordinate with each other and win the game. This way it will help them to perform together in a team.

Games also increases the memory of a person by keeping the score right and keep calculating the required score etc. Moreover, games help the kids to learn new things from other kids like their techniques of playing and coordination too.

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Games help the kids to get more concentration as theyneed to focus on games score, game ball etc. For example, while playing cricket a kid need to keep the score in mind, kid need to focus on ball due to which concentration increases. Also, kids need to run to get the ball due to which his speed increases and his mental ability of focus to one thing increases. In nutshell, it makes a kid a multitasking person which is best for the future of the kid.

Games also help kids to get the skills of problem solving and how to make strategies to come out of problems. Now coming on the most important thing heath. Playing games keeps a person healthy as kids sweat in the playground which helps to keep them fit. In this whole playing process, a person minds recharges with oxygen which helps to grow muscles more. As kids sweat and get tired in the playground, the urge for more food increases. And therefore, kids tend to eat more and eat healthy after that their digestion increases after playing.

But now days, kids don’t play in the playground and are more addicted to indoor videogames and play stations. These indoor games make the kids more of anguish kids as these videogames are generally more of blood and guns games which makes a kid more reactive and unkind to others. These videogames increase the screen time of the kids which affects the eyes of the young kids. Also, as there is more of tension in a closed environment without oxygen which make kids more irritated and fumed due to which Kids don’t behave well with parents.

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Generally, these days parents are really depressed with their kid’s fussy nature and this is due to playing of videogames. Also, it decreases the social culture of the kid and makes them a dull person. As a parent one should encourage kids to play in the open instead of playing indoor. If kids want to play indoor parents should encourage games like Chess, etc. which increases the mind sharpness and the memory of the kids which helps them to learn and grab much faster in their studies.  Also, some parents only tend to tell kids to study only and discourage their playing which is wrong as games makes a kid more of a better human. Thus, Games plays a very vital role in a Kid’s life to make him/her a good human being in the future.