Radio Frequency: what is it and what are its Applications?

The term radio frequency is well known in several fields. Although in the world of aesthetics, it is used as a treatment for skin care. In mobile communications, the subject that concerns us, has other uses, although the operation is actually the same. The difference is in the results it produces.

What is Radio Frequency

The term is applied to define a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Specifically, the part with less energy of this. The transmission of the waves occurs when generating a current through a conductor, and is received with an antenna. The clearest example is that of a radio station and a receiving device, like that of our car.

Application in Communications

Normally we refer to radio waves as the means by which radio frequency reaches radio direction finding equipment which also works just like the GPS, walkie-talkies and commercial radios. However, these waves cover all the communication devices we have. Like television, GPS or mobile networks. They are also present in the world of radio amateurs and any other type of item that has a wireless transmitter and receiver.

Radiofrequency in Medicine

Radio waves have been applied for decades in medical treatments, both incisive and non-invasive. From scalpels that cauterize as they open the body to the popular magnetic resonance machine, in medicine,many devices and techniques make use of these emissions. The discoveries and advances are still happening, and new applications in this field are not ruled out in the future.

Aesthetic Treatments

As we have said, radiofrequency is also well known for its application in the care of beauty. In these cases, waves of less intense frequencies are used than those applied in operation. Depending on these frequencies, they can be applied to reduce wrinkles, help to heal wounds or stimulate the production of certain substances in the body.