Different Types of Forex Bonuses

Every trader wants to earn the best welcome bonus. This is one of the strongest motivations to join in Forex trading. A Forex bonus is considered as a regular promotion offered either to a new customer or to an existing and already registered customer on a website. To earn this bonus, you have to make an official registration in the website. In other words, you will get the bonus if you make a deposit in your accounts if required.

You should have a deep understanding of a Forex bonus to have different strategies. There will be the best promotions and special offers that different brokers provide. This article will be show you the different bonus types.

Forex deposit bonus


As you know that, a Forex deposit bonus has a close connection to the deposits you make. Usually, such a bonus is available for all the traders. You are required to make a deposit as an initial, or a next step in the website to get bonus.

In case you don’t make any registrations to be a member on the website. No bonus will be applied for you. Forex deposit bonus 2019 is usually measured in %. Please keep this measurement in your mind. Here is a typical example of having a slight idea about this type of a special promotion on a foreign currency exchange platform.

Imagine that 50% deposit bonus will be offered for you and you make a deposit of $100. When you make the transfer with one of the available payment methods, you will have not $100, but you will have $150 in your account to trade with.

Welcome Forex bonus


The welcome Forex bonus (called the no deposit bonus) is given only to new customers when they jump in trading at the first time. So, these bonuses are not for you in case you are an old and regular client of a broker, you can still though use the deposit bonus only.

The purpose of the welcome bonus is to attract as many as clients possible by giving them chance to check the brokers without risking a lot, but with a particular amount of money given by the brokers. A welcome bonus, on the other hand, can be either a no deposit bonus, or an ordinary deposit bonus. It usually depends on Forex policy by the best forex brokers 2019.

Loyalty bonus


On the contrary, if you are a regular customer and an old trader on a website, you will have more good policy of bonus. Loyalty bonus is a kind of bonus which will reward with some of its special programs for loyal clients. You need to stay on the website for some time and then to claim for such a bonus. Your experience on the website is the main reason for you to be offered a Forex bonus.

Top 4 best forex bonuses

After several research, I realized that there are 4 brokers that offered the best welcome bonus comparing to the other brokers among the top brokers with the better bonus programs. The detailed bonus will be listed as follows:

  • Best welcome bonus – XM: 30$ welcome bonus
  • Best welcome bonus – FBS: 50$ welcome bonus
  • Best deposit bonus – XM: 100% deposit bonus
  • Exness reviews 2019: Rebate 2 – 16$ per lot

Hopefully, those bonuses will help to have good decision in choosing, trading and earning with your brokers.