SEO Audits – An Introduction

The word ‘audit’ can scare us… making many of us think about taxes and other undesirable things that are often associated with the word. However, audits are not always negative, and this is particularly the case when it comes to SEO audits – with SEO audit services actually proving to be highly beneficial to all types on online businesses. If you want to learn more about what SEO audits entail and how they can benefit businesses, we advise that you continue reading at your peril…

What is an SEO audit?


An SEO audit is simply an evaluation of how a website is performing online, paying close attention to how websites are performing in search engine natural listings. These evaluations allow companies to determine where their marketing practices are working, whilst highlighting any changes that need making.

What do SEO audit entail?


You will find that every SEO audit service varies from one another, with different providers choosing to include different factors in their audit reports. However, this being said, there are a number of things that are generally covered in almost all SEO audits, including but not limited to the following:

  • The reviewing of measurable results that companies are chasing
  • Keyword analysis, evaluating keywords to ensure relevance and determining other beneficial keywords and phrases to use
  • The assessing on direct competitors to ensure that they cannot get ahead
  • Technical analysis, looking into websites mobile compatibility, loading times, website security and more
  • Website content analysis to ensure relevance and uniqueness


Three benefits

SEO audits offer companies and website owners a whole host of benefits, with three of the main advantages being:

Reveal weaknesses – SEO Audits allow companies to understand any mistakes they are making within their SEO. SEO audits do not only highlight mistakes that are being made but also include recommended fixes for companies to make so that companies can turn negatives into positives.

Highlight competitor advantages – SEO audits highlight where competitors are excelling, allowing companies to make changes to ensure that they are able to overtake the within the natural listings of Google and other search engines.

Allow for better strategies – SEO audits provide companies with comprehensive checklists of actions that can be taken in order to improve overall SEO.

What are you waiting for? If you now understand just how much SEO audits can actually help, you will be even more pleased to know that many SEO providers now offer these audits completely free of charge! Get in touch with your local SEO provider today, we are sure that you will not be left disappointed.