The 5 Best Automatic Feeders for Your Pets When You’re Absent

If it’s time to eat , more in the house are your furry pampered pets, do not worry, you will not disappoint them and you will not have to do rounds in traffic to get there in time, since now you can count on automatic pet feeders , an unbeatable solution that will make you all happy.

And is that thanks to the innovative technology of many companies specialized in the food industry, you will be able to offer your kittens and dogs, all meals a day , in a safe and timed due to the incorporation of a digital clock in the design of the dispenser .

So if you spend many hours away from home, do not worry, those lovebirds will move with happiness when they hear your recorded voice and receive their delicious food from the automatic feeder.

Therefore, we invite you to continue with us, you will find out which are the most recommended brands.

What is the best automatic pet feeder?

Surely you have already wanted the idea of buying an easy and excellent quality pet food dispenser.

As you will have noticed, this must guarantee you peace of mind and the assurance that your hairy will receive their food rations, in those moments when we are traveling or at work.

However, the different department stores and online portals usually offer hundreds of alternatives that make their choice difficult.

For this reason, we have developed a list that shows when a dispenser gathers the necessary innovations and adapts to what you really need.

Whether it is for cats or dogs, in general terms the performances of these automatic machines must meet: robustness, precision in the timer, a good capacity to store the feed, and different types of programming to regulate the amount of food corresponding to your diet.

Finally, applications for wireless, voice recording, etc. have also become popular .

# 1 Automatic Electronic Feeder WOPET A36 for Dogs and Cats

When it comes to love and care for our furry friends, nobody better than WOPET, who introduces in the market one of the most precise and best pet feeder.

It is an automatic machine, reliable and easy to use, so you can program the dispensing of up to 4 meals a day in rations ranging from 10 to 100 grams.

Its technology includes an infrared light detection system as well as a voice recorder.

# 2 Automatic Pet Feeder with Bowl TOPHGDIY

If you are worried about maintaining healthy eating habits in your pets, but you can not arrive in time to serve their food, the solution is provided by Tophgdiy , who not only puts at your disposal an affordable machine , but one of the best automatic feeders for dogs and cats

With a programming capacity of 5 daily meals of 1.2 liters of wet or dry food , and a foot protection function, you will have your little animals happy, avoiding unnecessary spills.

# 3 220v Automatic Feeder for Large Dogs Produces

When looking for a product of good quality that allows you to automatically dispense feed of any size, we recommend opting for this dog feeder stamp Producan.

Manufactured with the highest standards of resistance when using galvanized steel, it also ensures the maintenance of the meal schedule, even in the event of a power cut.

With a simple digital hopper to operate, it is capable of containing up to 15 kg of food.

# 4 Automatic Feeder with Video & Voice function from Hommini

If you want to establish a comparison and know which is the best dog feeder, Hommini undoubtedly takes the number 1 position since it incorporates several innovations in its technology.

The first is that it includes a 250 ml water feeder, therefore your hairy ones besides eating at the scheduled time, will quench your thirst.

It also contains a memory camcorder function , so you can talk to your little ones whenever you want, as well as compatible apps for your cell phone.

# 5 Amzdeal LCD Automatic Food Dispenser

Since we know that you always want the best for your pets and that you need to establish a regular feeding schedule when you are absent, the outstanding Amzdeal brand is the most solid alternative in terms of price and quality.

Another of its qualities you will find on a legible LCD screen , so you can program the automatic switch from 1 to 3 meals according to your needs.

In addition it is portable, with removable bowl, with music or voice recording and easy to wash.

What is a smart pet feeder?


It is an intelligent device designed to schedule and manage the hours and amount of food your furry friend will receive while you are away from home.

In addition, these intelligent feeders have the ability that they can be controlled through smartphones and computers.

More as the technological innovations are in the menu of the day, many of these products have incorporated a camcorder so you can know how your pet is at any time.

Why do you need it?

For all of us who are parents of pets, we know well how many responsibilities imply their complete care.

However, when work, personal diligences and the human family take our time, it can be difficult to attend to our faithful companions.

This is where the Smart Pet Feeders come into play . These dispensers allow owners to keep watching their pets and feed them correctly, even when you are at work or on short vacations.

What types of automatic feeders are there?

In recent times, technology and automation have evolved rapidly, making our lives more bearable and organized.

In this regard, the pet industry has taken many steps forward to develop an endless number of devices ranging from GPS to locate them in case of loss, veterinary applications for your cell phones, identification of pets and much more.

In this field it is precisely in which the electronic and programmable feeders for canines and pigs have arisen.

They exist in different styles, colors and sizes. Some become completely elegant and modern which allows them to be combined with the decoration of the home; more do not forget that the most important will always be the control and synchronization of the food portions .

Pet feeders by gravity

This type of gravity feeders for dogs are the least sophisticated in their style. Its operation is that each time your pet eats, it will fall into the bowl, from the feeding chamber, replacing what has been eaten.

However, as soon as the bowl is full, the dispenser will not be able to release more food, since they will accumulate in the hopper, preventing a greater flow.

Advantages of pet feeders by gravity

One of the benefits that you will have secured with this type of feeder, is that you can be sure that the mechanism will never fail and your hairy will never miss a meal. It is also suitable for technophobes.

Electronic feeders for pets

This other type of feeder has become the most popular type of automatic feeders, since they allow you total control over the portions of food that your animals eat, and at what time they can do it.

You only need to preprogram them with the feeding times and the correct rations, in such a way that the feed will be dispensed automatically, according to the exact amounts and times of said configuration.

Advantages of Electronic Feeders for Pets

-The main benefit of this type of feeders is the amount of control you have over feeding your pet. It will allow you to feel absolute tranquility regardless of where you are at the time of feeding.

– It is perfect for weight control, as well as the management of conditions such as hypoglycemia, pancreatitis and diabetes, since it guarantees that your hairy can enjoy small, balanced and regular meals.

-It is ideal for people with visual disabilities who have lazarillos, since an electronic feeder ensures that the portions are correct. 

How to choose an automatic cat feeder?

Most likely, when you think of this type of device, you will initially have the idea of ​​choosing a team that can match the eating habits of your pussycat, and above all that their meows do not wake you up at 4:00 in the morning, Crying for an extra ration.

In addition, since our pampered also have a particular taste for a dry or wet type of food , trying to adapt that food to a certain machine can result in a disaster.

That is why choosing the right one, can avoid a headache, for this reason, we present some tips, which can help you make the right acquisition, and believe it, here is not only about fixing on the least expensive .

Serving size

If your kitten is one that does not touch a croquette that has been in the bowl for just a few hours, you should pay attention to the size of the portions, when choosing a feeder.

Some dispense small amounts (1/4 cup) several times a day. Others simply throw a little cup of croquettes in your plate, removing the freshness of the food or increasing the obesity of your hairy.

Therefore, following the recommendations of veterinary specialists, we must choose what is healthier for them. But since we know that running several times a day to give them a specific portion is not a viable option, this is where an automatic feeder will be your savior, allowing us to make the correct settings.

Number of feeding hours per day

How many times does your cat eat per day? Do you have different hours to eat? Do you have specific needs in your diet? If the answer is yes, we recommend the feeders that can be programmed with a different number of servings and hours per day.

Kind of food

Most feeders for kittens are designed to supply dry croquettes. If you happen to place wet food , you will end up questioning your choices, seeing the disaster that you have caused. Therefore, if your cat only eats pates, you will need a feeder specialized in pasty foods.

Size of the croquette

It is not only your hairy who behaves picky with the croquettes. Some automatic feeders only work with the smallest ones. Fortunately, others work perfectly with all kinds of dry foods of all sizes .

Durability of automatic cat feeder

Most cats are very smart and sweet. Many often manage to break the plastic container of the feeder and devour all the croquettes in one sitting.

Therefore, if this is your case, beware of acquiring weak products. It is better to make a superior investment and know that you will be calm with a durable feeder .

How to choose an automatic dog feeder?

It has become clear that both love and a nutritious, punctual and in correct amounts is the most appropriate for your beloved furry.

More as there are so many products available, in size and configuration, those that work plugged in or with batteries , or simply those that have been designed for dry or wet food, can be difficult to choose.

That is why we will make some infallible suggestions that will help you choose the best for the family and for your hairy.

Type of food

Most automatic feeders are designed for dry feed. However, there are some that have been designed to serve moist foods.

More you should know that in order to keep them cool, you will need to include ice packs, which limits the time that the appliance can serve your pet daily.

If this is your case, we invite you to consult with the veterinarian, the possibility of changing for dry food. The storages can contain not only more food, but it will be fresh longer, which translates into better health for your dog.

Come and take it

If your dog only listens to eat when he hears your voice, but you can not be at home to serve your food on time, we recommend purchasing a feeder that has a recording system .

In this way you can record your voice with the favorite phrase of the hairy, in such a way that you know exactly when the time to eat has arrived.

Pup size

It is important that you know that depending on the size of the pet , automatic feeders may or may not be effective. That is why we suggest you consider if your puppy is very naughty, you should also evaluate their strength.

This recommendation is based on the fact that larger dogs can bite and even destroy the croquettes store with the intention of looking for a little more candy.

In the case of small and medium-sized breeds , containers are usually high and safe enough, much harder to separate.

In any case, the ideal is to look at the durability and guarantee of this type of product.


When dogs eat and drink water they like to repeatedly raise their heads between bites, making swallowing easier, however, in the process, a lot of food and liquid ends up in the soil.

Over time this not only creates a wear on the floors, but the moisture trapped in the feeders, can cause the growth of mold and bacteria that can make your dog sick.

Therefore many veterinarians recommend placing your feeder elevated , since food and water will flow smoothly down their throats while they eat and drink. It will also facilitate the hygiene of the home.

Challenges of mounting an automatic dog feeder

Some pet feeders can be difficult to assemble. Others work with batteries and require a screwdriver each time they need to be replaced.

Many automatic feeders do not come with removable bowls, which makes them difficult to clean.

Therefore we suggest you take into account all aspects of maintenance, assembly and care. By correctly evaluating the pros and cons you will be making sure to make the best choice for your family and pet by achieving an effortless feeding experience.

Final Reflections About Intelligent Automatic Eaters

The happiness of your dog depends to a large extent on the nutrition and affection it receives. Many of them give a patter to the plate of food, to indicate that it is time to fill their tummies, others place their paws on your legs.

However, when we have them used to feed themselves specifically and for work reasons we can not be by their side, or we simply have to control their overweight, we must opt ​​for technological and easy alternatives, this is where, using an automatic feeder has become in an excellent alternative that will offer you help and happiness for you and your spoiled one.