The Best Rolex Explorer Watches of All Time

It is difficult to believe that exploration and luxury could go hand in hand, but since the late 1920s, Rolex has made it happen. The Swiss company is one of the top watchmakers in the history of the industry and one of the best collections that have been launched by the brand is the Explorer. As the name indicates, this collection comprises of timepieces that are the perfect choice for those who go out brazenly into the world for creating experiences no one could or would. You can find a variety of styles and designs to cater to your needs in the Rolex Explorer collection.

If you are in search of a watch that you can take you wherever you go, here are the best Rolex Explorer watches of all time that you can consider:

  • 1997 Rolex Explorer I 14270 Black Dial

Unassuming in its simplicity, this is a classic watch that features everything the Rolex brand is known for. The Rolex Explorer I is one of the best-selling watches of the company and it boasts an extremely strong body thanks to the solid Oystersteel stainless steel clasp and bracelet. The readability of the markers are made easy thanks to the stunning black dial. There are Arabic numerals on the three, six and nine position and they are surrounded by linear markers for accentuating the smooth bezel. The watch uses self-winding mechanical movement and this beautiful Rolex will never go out of style.

  • 1998 Rolex Explorer II 16570 White Dial

The Rolex Explorer II is regarded as unique in style because it is a tad rugged as compared to other watches in the collection, which is something you would expect from a watch that’s made for exploring. The timepiece boasts a white dial that comes with circular markets except on the position of three, six, nine and twelve. The three o’clock position has a date counter, another feature that’s useful for exploring. There is a 24 hour clock on the fixed bezel. Apart from that, this model also features the Oystersteel clasps and bands for giving extra strength and its water resistance is about 100 meters. While it may not be a diving watch, it can be worn when you are swimming in shallow waters.

  • 1965 Vintage Rolex Explorer 1016 Tropical Dial

This vintage Rolex is a testament to the longevity of the company’s watches. This 1965 timepiece is a clear reflection of the quality make of the brand’s watches and it has been transformed into an incredible tropical patina with the black dial. It would be difficult to find another watch like this and it works quite well as its age has had no impact on its movement. It boasts a stainless steel bracelet and remains as sturdy and strong as ever. This watch is something that every watch collector will want to get as it is a unique timepiece, but its price is on the high side.

These are some of the best Rolex Explorer watches that you can check out from this great collection.