The Town of Cipanas

Away from Cibodas, and further down the road is the city of Cipanas. Here is the Cipanas Palace, the President’s mountain residence set amidst manicured lawns and hot springs that are hot. Cipanas has grown into a large town, where is a marketplace where tourists come to shop for fresh veggies, fruits, flowers, ornamental plants, and souvenirs. And everywhere across the Bogor Cipanas course up to Bandung, there are plentiful resorts, from the most exclusive accommodation complete with conference halls to housing property to the simpler shelter. There are also many flower gardens, fruits gardens, playgrounds and a lot more for families to enjoy.

Get There

Traveling into the mountain area of Puncak, Cibodas or even Cipanas is by private car, taxi cab or tour bus, which on a weekday takes about one and a half an hour from Jakarta through the Bogor toll road, but a great deal longer during weekends and vacations. This region is best enjoyed throughout the week, because the road is generally Jam wrapped on weekends, from Friday afternoons through Sundays, and particularly on a long weekend and school vacations. At weekends and holidays, Police enforce one way traffic hours to facilitate heavy traffic congestion on these narrow roads, alternating traveling hours for traffic going down or up the mountain to from Jakarta.