I was born with a crooked front tooth. I looked like I had Nick Nacks for teeth. My parents forced me to get braces, which I hated at the time but am now eternally grateful for. It was back in the early 90s so little of that era now seems cool, from my teeth to my well-worn Oakley sunglasses. Anyway, fast forward to today and my teeth were straightened to perfection. Sorted. However, the majority of men are living with stained teeth. Women notice this instantly. If you want to brighten that smile, follow these top tips. And remember, stylish clothes and expensive aftershave rocked with cheesy-yellow teeth isn’t romantic.

  1. Power stain removal

A Power Jet wash includes a powered water spray which blasts tiny crystals onto your teeth, removing any dead bacteria and stains. Diamond polishing will then give you a fresher, brighter smile. Its one advantage is that it avoids bleeding gums and painful scraping. (Prices for this can range from those after a quick boost to smokers and coffee drinkers who require more attention.)

  1. Teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening strips are extremely useful as little boosts before an important interview or date but the availability of several options doesn’t mean they all work. Key understanding of the reason for discolouration is important. whether it is lifestyle or developmental reasons, strips will only have an impact on mild colour changes so consult your dentist first.

  1. Home whitening trays

This involves taking a detailed mould of the teeth, constructing well-fitting trays and adding an active ingredient such as Carbamide peroxide to brighten the teeth. The trays are generally worn at night and average 7-10 days to see a noticeable difference. The advantages are that the trays are reusable, and the greatest amount of clinical research supports this method.

  1. Power whitening / Laser whitening

This treatment is performed at a dental surgery and uses a more concentrated form of whitening gel. The procedure usually takes one hour, and your teeth are subjected to several applications of the whitening gel. The advantage of this treatment is its convenience, but a general rule of thumb is ‘the quicker the whitening process the shorter the longevity of results’

So, the top three things I’ve learned are:

1) Making an effort on your smile involves more than brushing your teeth (damn!)

2) Getting a good consultation can provide you with the best options for you

I’m looking forward to my whiter teeth next week. The guys I use are Alkaliaesthetics. They provide excellent customer service and have a motto of treating everyone like a celeb.