What Is So Amazing About Delicious Vancouver Food Tour

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Food is one of the best ways to discover a new city. One of my most preferred areas for food is Vancouver BC. If you are a food lover, you should definitely need to know about out delicious Vancouver food tour.

Amazing Pizzas

Wood Fire Pizza by Marcelo is a popular pick for Italian food. You will be served fantastic pizzas that are cooked in unique wood-based fire oven. With a wide range of different sauces and toppings, these perfect crispy crusts become all the more tempting. Some of them are mozzarella, tomato sauce, salami, ham, mushrooms and baking cheese.

Authentic Italian pasta

The real surprise was the pasta that was served with a creamy meat sauce. People at Vancouver called it Tagliatelle Pasticiatti. It was really savory and mouthwatering. Vancouver is a coastal seaport city located in western Canada. If you are searching for the best food experiences, then you must go on a Vancouver food tours.

The Terimayo at Japadog

Japadog food cart that lies at Smithe and Burrard streets was our next stop. Japadog is a Japanese cuisine that features a fine blend of Japanese and Asian flavors. This delicious combination is topped with teriyaki sauce, fried onions, seaweed and Japanese mayo. It is served with a special soya sauce and grated radish.

Richmond Night Market

You will find a lot of crowd at Richmond Night Market at the night time during summer season. This market spans from the month of May through October. Some of the popular food items served here are Chow Mein, Dim Sum, grilled Squid, Crispy Duck, pulled noodles, potatoes, bubble tea, and not to forget desserts such as mango ice cream, pretzels, IceCane and bavarian sausage.


Start with these amazing Vancouver foods, and you will get a good knowledge on the different foodie zones around Vancouver.