What To Look For In Contemporary Fireplaces In New York City  

There’s nothing more appealing when winter’s roaring through New York City than the idea of sitting in front of a roaring fire. How can you make this a reality if your apartment currently doesn’t have one? Your best bet is to look for an established company like Big Apple Barbeque Inc. They have years of experience installing contemporary fireplaces in New York City dwellings.

There are a few things you should be aware of when exploring your options. Use this guide to help navigate the different choices available and locate something suitable to your living space.

Make Sure It Fits City Code Regulations

Buildings built before 2014 could have wood-burning fireplaces installed. That changed after Mayor Bill DeBlasio signed a ban into lawprohibiting the installation of these types of fireplaces into any new housing developments. It came about due to the fears of the toxicity of smoke emitted from burning wood. Many felt it had the same effect as breathing in cigarette smoke.

The only way to gain access to them now is by purchasing housing built before the ban went into effect. That doesn’t mean you need to give up on your dream of having a new fireplace installed in your home. It just can’t be one using wood as its fuel.

Think About Placement In Your Home

Look around your space and try to picture the perfect spot for your new fireplace. Do you want it in the center of your room? Will it act as a divider between your kitchen and living room area?

Big Apple Barbeque Inc. provides a variety of ways to place contemporary fireplaces in New York City homes. You can browse our inventory of Ortal fireplaces online or in our East Elmhurst store for something fitting your needs.

Fireplace Types Available

  • Indoor and Outdoor Fireplaces
  • Traditional Fireplaces
  • Corner Fireplaces
  • Front-facing fireplaces
  • Tunnel fireplaces
  • Stand-alone fireplaces
  • Space creator fireplaces

Alternatives To Wood Burning Fireplaces

You still have options other than wood-burning fireplaces for your New York home. Try looking for fireplaces fueled by electricity, gas, or alcohol. Gas fireplaces bring the most significant costs since you’ll also need to make sure your home contains the right venting and that you have proper gas and electrical connections in place. You’ll have to foot the bill for refurbishments if your apartment’s not up to code.

Ethanol fireplaces make for easy maintenance since they burn cleanly and produce no smoke. Gas fireplaces use propane or natural gas. You’ll need to make many of the same modifications for this type of fireplace as you would for an electric one. Keep all this in mind as you shop for a new fireplace.

Contact Big Apple Barbeque, Inc. at (718) 204-1166 for any questions you have on purchasing and installing a contemporary fireplace in New York City.