Why do emergency plumbers charge so much

Even though you may feel that emergency plumbing is not worth it, you need to weigh the pros and cons of having emergency plumbing done as compared to taking care of the emergency by yourself.You also need to know why these plumbers charge so much. Emergency Plumbers usually cost by the hour or there could be those that charge a flat rate based on the time of day or the day of week they have been contacted, the distance from their place to yours and the type of emergency they need to deal with – among other such considerations.

The reasons why emergency plumbers charge so much is due to various factors:


Being a licensed plumber requires training and education. The plumbers post their training need to be apprentices and receive further on the job training while working alongside experienced and licensed plumbers. Post 4 years of apprenticeship at the least, they need to pass the exam and only then do they receive their license.


Being a plumber and especially an experienced emergency plumber taking care of all kinds of plumbing emergencies means that the plumber will be in great demand. Due to the shortage of emergency plumbers and the increased demand, the prices are hiked and plumbing companies need to pay high salaries to the plumbers they employ.


Plumbers need to go to their client’s house and that too with a fully stocked truck. Most plumbers can even drive around 100 miles a day and therefore they need to be compensated for the gas used, the maintenance of the truck, the insurance of the vehicles and more.


When you contact a plumbing company, they need to employ full time employees who would work at the office in addition to having plumbers who do the fixing and installation. The staff needs to not only answer phone calls at all hours of the day and night including holidays but also need to arrange the job schedule, manage the book keeping and accounting as well as update the website and handle advertising. They also need to handle communication through various media like walk ins, chats and emails.


Plumbing is scary and difficult. There are different harmful materials that the plumbers come in contact with on a daily basis – these include bacteria, mold, sewage, toxic chemicals and other such materials. Therefore, they need extra precautions taken so that they do not endanger themselves or others. Plumbers also require to perform physically hard labor such as excavating or installation of underground plumbing.


There are various specialized tools that are needed by plumbers and these high end equipment not only require special training to be used but also costs thousands in order to purchase.


Emergency plumbers are called upon at any part of the day or night and also on weekends and holidays. They need to be compensated for the inconvenience caused to them in emergency plumbing.

It is due to these reasons and more that plumbers charge so much.