Why is it better to replace things than to buy new ones?

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Each year, you come across a situation where you are forced to decide on whether you should repair something that is broken or whether to buy a new one. It is usually a dilemma we all have gone through at some point of life.

Sometimes replacing a broken amenity in your household is normally the favourable solution rather than fixing. However, the cost of replacing is also very pricey as compared to repairing the broken piece.

Luckily, this article will demonstrate how fixing things is better than buying new ones.

1.    Quality

Quality is a crucial factor when it comes to purchasing any commodity. At all times people look to buying things that will last longer and will function effectively throughout its lifespan: You can only have that if you get a high-quality product. Unfortunately, nowadays most manufacturing companies don’t produce quality products as they used too.

For instance, a phone bought in 2003 could last up to 10 years without any issues unless it’s dropped on a hard surface (concrete) countless times. The phones that were manufactured earlier never used to break easily like the recent ones. This holds true for all amenities.

Therefore, it seems quality has been depreciating with time. If any of your house appliance breaks down, don’t be quick to replace it. It’s highly likely you will not get a better quality whatever the brand you choose. Hence, at least consider checking if the broken part is repairable.

2.    Costs less

This is basic math. The cost of repairing a household amenity is lower than buying a new one. However, if you use spare parts from untrusted vendors, you will end up making multiple repairs which in turn costs more than getting a new one.

So, if your equipment breaks down, instead of buying a new one that may crush soon, you should consider repairing the broken piece of the device. Some products have long-term warranties of up to 5-10 years, which means the company can chip in the repair cost.

For example, daily used equipment like vacuum cleaners are susceptible to issues of malfunctioning due to worn out parts. Warranty of such machines come in handy. Still, it’s crucial you install quality hoover spares when repairing the cleaner to avoid using all your limited chances offered by the manufacturing company. This way you can save up a lot of money by not buying a new one but by fixing what was broken.

3.    Sentimental Value

You can’t put a price to sentiments. As long as the equipment is functioning well the way it’s supposed to, most people don’t see the need of buying a new one. Such products are usually gifts that have been offered by either family, friends or as a reward for achievement. The value of sentiment on an amenity varies for everyone.

Some people even store the item among their most valuable objects in the house even when it becomes faulty completely. Mostly, people are sentimental about things because it reminds them of the moment or person who gifted it to them. Thus, no matter the cost of repair, it is usually the only option rather than replacing the amenity entirely.


The glittering new products are pleasing to the eye, but their functionality is nothing compared to that old machine you got at home. Its time you lined up all your broken down amenities and contact Spares2you for quality spares. Learn that things can be fixed, and they don’t have to be thrown away always.